Realistic Buyer Repair Requests – San Diego Market Report 10/18/19

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Let’s Talk Buyer Repair Requests
The inspection contingency period is a critical point in any real estate transaction. This is the period of time (usually 17 days) when the buyer is expected to review all disclosures and conduct all necessary investigations. This period essentially allows a buyer to perform their due diligence, so that they may confidently decide to either move forward with the transaction or cancel the contract.
Buyers will often submit repair requests to the seller during the inspection contingency. It’s usually best to do so as early as possible, to allow enough time for negotiation.
It’s also important to keep in mind that all California real estate transactions are technically considered “as is” purchases. The seller is not even required to respond to a buyer repair request, let alone agree to any of their requests.
Do the majority of sellers actually respond to buyer repair requests, as a matter of courtesy? Yes, but requests for the repair or replacement of minor items such as electrical outlet covers or failed window seals are likely to annoy a seller, rather than keep the transaction moving along smoothly.
A good rule of thumb when requesting repairs is not to ask for anything unrelated to a safety issue or the breakdown of an expensive system. Think roof, structural, major plumbing, or electrical issues. When all is said and done, the inspection contingency clause is written to protect the buyer.
If you have any questions about the inspection contingency period or which repair requests buyers should or should not make, reach out any time…
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