Best Time to Buy or Sell – 92127 Market Report 2/15/19

Just for the record…
It doesn’t matter to us when you buy or sell. Our goal is to help you when the time comes and it feels right for you.
With that being said, NOW is a great time of year to buy or sell a property.
1) Mortgage rates continue to be at a 12 month low. So far this year the 30 year fixed rate has averaged 4.44%, compared to 4.54% for all of 2018.
This can benefit buyers and sellers, as it should help encourage more qualified buyers to get in the game and make legitimate purchase offers.
2) Our Spring Rush of market activity normally hits around late March to mid July.
As a seller, you want to be ON the market and at the RIGHT price, BEFORE this rush of activity hits. Because once it’s gone and the excitement is over, that could be it for the height of the annual cycle…
So, if you want to take advantage of the best time of year to list your property, just reply to this email and we will be happy to discuss pricing strategy and options with you.
Or, click here for a free market analysis of your property…
We are always here to help you in anyway that we can…
Reach out anytime…
Posted on March 3, 2019 at 11:39 pm
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